We create our relationships
and our relationships create us.

We evolved to love and love is beautiful and messy. We all make mistakes sometimes and it hurts.

I Help You Heal Your Relationships

I am a relationship therapist.

So much of our suffering arises when our relationships aren't working. When we feel disconnected and alone, we can become vulnerable to anxiety, depression and addiction. We need a safe place to explore what's not working in our relationships and to find support in creating solutions.

Together, We Create Solutions That Work for You

I help you explore what isn’t working in your relationships and why. We work together to understand what you want and need, to identify the changes you want to make, and to create the solutions that work for you.


Hello, I'm Brad Byrum

I help couples and individuals deepen and repair their relationships through supportive and empathetic therapy. I help people who are suffering with depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, or family crisis. I help couples who are seeking to discover deeper levels of happiness and satisfaction. I welcome diversity, including LGBTQ+, polyamorous, and heterosexual couples and individuals.

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