Breaking Up is Hard to Do . . . Well


As a relationship therapist, I know that sometimes relationships end. Sometimes they need to end. Sometimes both partners know this. Sometimes one partner knows it and the other wishes it weren’t true. Sometimes both partners wish it weren’t true and yet it is.

I work with individuals and couples who are living through an uncoupling. This can be a traumatic experience of grief, shame, anger, resentment, confusion and betrayal. I offer a way of working through the process of uncoupling in which we seek to make peace where peace is possible, healing what can be healed, and accepting the ending of a relationship.

Our relationships really do form us, including the relationships that end painfully. Working openly and mindfully through the pain of uncoupling is essential to our healing and to the health of our future relationships. Working together, we discover your strengths and support your resiliency as you recover and turn toward the next phase of your life.