You want your relationship to work.
That’s why you are here.

How do we make our relationships work? One definition of work is as our effort to create something. Being a couple is your effort to create a relationship in which you, together, create the love you want.

In couple therapy, we create a safe space in which the two of you can discover how to be who you want to be together. Only you can know that. My job is to help you discover it and to notice the ways you may be resisting the changes you most deeply want to make. The work of couple therapy is to help you create the love and connection you long for in your relationship.

Most couples only come to therapy when their relationship is in distress, sometimes deep distress. I understand how much courage it takes to reach out for help and to let another person get inside your relationship, especially when you are feeling hurt, discouraged, angry, or humiliated. I work with couples struggling with infidelity, addiction, grief, family crisis, or sexual dysfunction, as well as with couples who are seeking to discover deeper levels of happiness and satisfaction.

Please know that no matter what you bring to couple therapy, I will meet you with compassion, understanding, and hope for your relationship.

I welcome diversity, including LGBTQ+, polyamorous, and heterosexual couples and individuals.

I offer all prospective client couples a 50 minute initial consultation, without charge. I do this because I have learned this is the best way for us determine if we are good fit for each other.