Befriending reality is the most effective remedy for professional stress.

Flourishing in adverse conditions is the critical skill necessary to increasing the experience of happiness in our lives.

Adversity is unavoidable. Stress is not. We’ve survived and evolved as a species precisely because we developed capacities to flourish in stressful and adverse conditions. Our most powerful resource is our adaptability. Change is the primary source of stress and it is continuous and ceaseless. Learning the skills of adapting to change enhances our capacity to flourish in the midst of change.

I work with my clients to increase their capacity to flourish in the midst of change through a program of cognitive training and emotional insight based on the science of mindfulness. Together, we work through a process of therapy and skill-building that leads to a measurable decrease in professional stress and a measurable increase in life satisfaction.

This isn’t magic – it is hard work.Our brains did not evolve to make us happy. Our brains evolved to keep us safe. As the neurobiological events that we are, we are predisposed to resist any assault on our maps of reality. Unfortunately, reality is completely unmanageable and there are no maps. We will never be safe (and all stress is about fear for our safety) because life is not safe. If we want to be happy, we must work at it. Happiness is a developmental achievement.

I offer an eight-week program of professional stress reduction that focuses on developing insights and skills based on the science of mindfulness. By learning to adapt our feeling / thinking experience to the interdependent connection of all things, we embrace our capacity to connect with our ever-changing, present moment experience. This connection empowers us to be present with empathy and equanimity in adversity. Happiness arises quite naturally when we make friends with reality, accepting what is here now.