Facing our dying begins with our intention to be fully alive in each moment.

Facing Death

When we are facing the reality of our own dying, we enter a new phase of living. Death becomes our teacher, inviting us to make friends with our impermanence so we can appreciate how precious each moment of living is and make the most of the time left to us.

I offer a unique, compassion focused approach to end-of-life therapy, grounded in a mindfulness based process of clarifying values and a commitment to actively live into each moment: accepting what we cannot change, changing what we can, and cultivating the wisdom to discern the difference. I will help you respond openly to the unavoidable suffering inherent in dying, while we work together to remove the causes of unnecessary suffering in all its forms including physical, emotional, spiritual and relational.

Facing our dying authentically begins with our intention to be fully alive in each moment. I am committed to helping you intentionally create space that can hold your experience of being fully alive. My role is to offer you the gift of attuned presence in all its forms, clinically, emotionally and spiritually, supporting you and your family in accomplishing your unique developmental tasks as your life comes to an end. Becoming a fully alive human being includes how we live out our dying.

In my work with people at the end of life I’ve discovered that what we want most when we are dying is to be fully, really, honestly, heard. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But this kind of listening is rare. This way of listening involves accompanying you through all that you are experiencing, without being afraid or judging or correcting or distancing myself from your experience. With attention and kindness, we untangle the many conflicting feelings as they arise in you, allowing compassion to guide our journey.