Honoring Our Wisdom

Aging Wisely

Aging wisely means cultivating a willingness to let go of self-limiting, habitual patterns of thinking and feeling about who we are and what is possible. It means cultivating a relationship with time that is focused on simply entering the next moment with an open curiosity.

As a relational therapist, I am a companion to those who want to explore the experience of aging as the possibility of growth and transformation. We focus on your strengths and dreams for yourself. We explore who you have been and what your sense of purpose is at this stage of your life. We grieve together for what you have lost and may be losing, even as we cultivate the capacity to accept what is and cultivate new ways of opening to the gift of being alive, just as we are, here and now.

Aging wisely also means resisting the culturally conditioned stereotypes of aging and the messages that make us feel marginalized and disrespected. We work to find new ways to be present in the world as a wise compassionate presence.