I Trust Open, Mindful, Loving Presence.

Hi, I'm Brad Byrum. I am a mindfulness oriented, solution-focused, relationship therapist and behavioral wellness coach dedicated to human flourishing.

I provide online behavioral wellness coaching to couples struggling with relationship distress and individuals struggling with addiction, anxiety, or depression. I welcome diversity, including LGBTQ+, polyamorous, and heterosexual couples and individuals.

I am passionate about creating new models for delivery of psychotherapy and behavioral wellness coaching through web-based technology and reimagining traditional psychotherapy delivery models in ways that remove barriers to access and reduce the stigma associated with emotional/cognitive suffering.

I Meet You Where You Are

I am a compassionate companion to courageous people like you who know that life is beautiful, but not always easy. It is often our pain and suffering that bring us to therapy. Psychotherapy is a relationship in which we learn to face our pain and find ways of healing.

I offer you my full attention as a gentle, compassionate and mindful companion who accepts you as you are, without judgment, focusing on your strengths, honoring your wisdom, and supporting your self-discovery as you seek your healing.

Our work together is about creating a safe space for this to happen in the way it wants to happen in you. I can’t promise to make you happier, only that I will be with you in whatever you are experiencing.

I Trust Open, Mindful, Loving Presence

As a transpersonal therapist, I've come to deeply trust our innate inner wisdom seeking wholeness and openness. I seek to integrate spiritual practice and psychotherapy and bring over four decades of spiritual practice in both Western and Eastern traditions as a spiritual director, coach, teacher and retreat leader.

Paying Attention to What Is Here Now

I deeply trust being present to our suffering with empathic, attentive presence, exploring the paradox of change, that only when we accept ourselves as we are, here and now, are we able to change. This is an opening toward healing presence and a surrender to the creative energy of compassion which awakens us, over and over, to the healing that is possible.